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ApriL • New York, USA

The Earth Awards recognizes individuals influencing the future of the planet through their work on climate justice, awareness, and activism.

Launched in 2023, the TIME CO2 Earth Awards recognized five awardees for their work against the climate threat, using activism, diplomacy, and business to try to change the world’s emissions trajectory before it’s too late.

The awardees were: António Guterres, the United Nations Secretary-General, who has made his position synonymous with climate action, continuously pushing national leaders to raise their climate ambition and refusing to mince words in laying out the urgency of the climate crisis; Vanessa Nakate, a young climate activist from Africa and founder of the Rise Up Movement, who has become one of the most powerful voices calling to rapidly transition the global economy away from fossil fuels; Lisa P. Jackson, former administrator of the U.S. EPA, who has worked for the past ten years trying to make Apple, the world’s most valuable company, more sustainable; and organizer Gloria Walton and actor Mark Ruffalo, who have joined forces in leading the Solutions Project, working toward the twin goals of emissions reductions and racial equity.

A look back at TIME CO2 Earth Awards 2023

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