An annual, high impact agenda that inspires business climate action

TIMEco2 Futures

An annual, high impact agenda that inspires business climate action

We partner with with climate and business experts to make it easy for all business leaders to understand the possible futures for their industry. ​ Connecting climate action to business value. ​ Bringing stories to life across TIME’s digital and event platforms with a strong action focus, to move the agenda forward.

A year-long calendar will maximize momentum

Regular weekly and fortnightly publications including op-eds, special reports, video series, newsletters, Futures deepdive webinars and dinners, dedicated digital hub pages, and more!

Davos | January
CO2 Earth Awards | April
NY CLimate Week | September
COP | December

Multiple formats distributed across multiple channels

Written content

Insights and proof points that make the economic case for climate action

Op-eds | Articles | Infographics | Special Features


Perspectives from people whose opinions matter to decision makers

Experts/Exec Interviews | Explainers | Factual Shorts | Masterclasses

TIME Magazine

Regular | Climate Editions

TIME.com Digital Hub

Futures Hub | Regular

Social Media Channels

LI / X / Insta | FB / TikTok

Influencer Channels

TIME100 (Next) | Climate Influencers

Media Network Syndication

Covering Climate Now | Industry / Regional

Targeted Distribution Partners

Audiences (CMO, Gen X) | Industry / Theme

Stories and insights that inform and inspire action

Stories of value

Relatable and copy-able stories of what people have done to generate business value from climate-positive business action

Actionable solutions and insights

Systems-level, industry-relevant solutions and insights that support the economic case for climate-positive business change powered by TIME CO2 partnerships

Expert perspectives

Perspectives from trustworthy people whose opinions matter to our audiences

Industry relevant themes to drive systems level change

The Future is


Fashion, apparel, and beauty

How is sustainable consumption reshaping the future of fashion, beauty, and luxury?

The Future is


Mobility and manufacturing

How is the world transport and manufacturing changing on the basis of renewables, hydrogen and fusion?

The Future is


Food and farming

How is the food system evolving to become net zero and nature positive?

The Future is


Healthcare, medicine & diagnostics

What new risks and opportunities exist at the intersection of health and a changing climate?

Integrated into each of the core Futures themes mentioned above are our sub themes:

The Future is


Valuing natural capital

How do we shift from an extraction economy to a regenerative one?

The Future is


Leadership that inspires change

What leadership traits do we need at every level of society to build the world we need?

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