Artic Sea Ice loose 32,300 Sq M per year

Centrifugal force: the apparent force in a rotating system that deflects masses radially outward from the axis of rotation.

this force increases towards the equator and decreases towards the poles. cloud bank: a well-defined cloud mass that can be observed at a distance. it covers the horizon, but is not directly overhead. cloudburst: a sudden, heavy rainfall of a showery nature. debris cloud: considered a rotating cloud of debris or dust that is on the ground or near the ground. the debris cloud appearing beneath a thunderstorm will most likely confirm the presence of a tornado.

Divergence: wind movement that results in a horizontal net outflow of air from a particular region. divergence at lower levels is associated with a downward movement of air from aloft. contrast with convergence. downslope effect: the warming of an air flow as it descends a hill or mountain slope. el niƱo: the cyclical warming of east pacific ocean sea water temperatures off the western coast of south america that can result in significant changes in weather patterns in the united states and elsewhere.

This occurs when warm equatorial waters move in and displace the colder waters of the humbolt current, cutting off the upwelling process. gust front: the leading edge of the cool, gusty surface winds produced by thunderstorm downdrafts. sometimes confused with an outflow boundary. heat index: the combination of air temperature and humidity that gives a description of how the temperature feels. this is not the actual air temperature. hygrograph: an instrument that records the hygrometer’s measure of water vapor. hypothermia: this situation occurs when the core temperature of one’s body falls below normal. it is the failure of the body to maintain adequate production of heat under conditions of extreme cold. : mammatocumulusarc.

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